Quick update… Be back soon 

Hi all, sorry been a bit busy the last couple of weeks. With the holidays now here we’ve had a tough time as O was really struggling with the transition. It’s been weeks off shouting, arguing and a lot of time out. 

All our efforts have been focused on him the last few weeks so we’ve not done much else, I had written a couple of blogs in this time but they were impulsive and may or may not have spoken ill of an institution or two, which isn’t constructive or allowed(I’ve signed something apparently). These were halted by my editor and may not see the light of day unless I can word them differently so they don’t look like attacks, I’m mad at them, yes, but I was trying to put two sides across but it wasn’t clear enough. 

Speaking of my editor, she’s a little bit mad at me, I had to buy some new running trainers because I’m training for a half marathon (more on that in a couple of weeks) and because of my flat(pingu the people penguin) feet they had to do a lot of correction. She was expecting me to spend around £75 on a pair… I spent nearly double that, I’m in trouble 😂

I’ve qualified as a level 1 football(I’m not American so when I say football I mean the original and best sport) coach and am getting prepared to manage my son’s team in September and am putting the final details together for some work I’m doing for the National Autistic Society so I’ve managed to do some bits but had to put this on the back burner,  now I feel I can get back to it. 

The summer holidays are normally tricky to manage, going from school structure to home structure isn’t easy and combined with his teacher, who he loves dearly going on maternity leave there is a lot of change and he is struggling to process it all. 

So expect some more frequent blogs inbound as we help O to process the changes and have a fun holiday, speak soon. 


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