Let’s talk about C

Taking a break from the quirks of our eldest, O, although he is the main drive and basis for this blog and the one family member every decision has to be based round. Today I want to talk about the other and most definitely not forgotten star, C.

At the end of this month we will be celebrating his third birthday and the last year we have seen such a change in him as he is finding out who he is. It’s safe to say he has really come out of himself in the last year, he has always been a mummy’s boy(which hasn’t been a problem as O has always been a daddy’s boy) and often continues in that way… or does he? More about that later.

My wife has run a successful babysitting business for almost eighteen months now, which ironically came about after a big change with C. Basically my sister in law came round, saw how tired we were and reminded us that we were the parents and C didn’t run the house, we got stricter on the bed time routine and he took to it in about 3 days. We had our evenings back. As any successful business does, it expands. After checking the laws and regulations involving looking after children before 6pm she was able to branch into nannying. It was this venture that really brought the change out in him. Before he wouldn’t say boo to a goose, he used to hide behind his mum and not be interested whether it was a stranger or even family the complete opposite to his brother. We have looked back on this and are very sure that this was down to the fact that we didn’t do any groups with him. Unlike his brother he wasn’t part of a large prenatal group because we didn’t have the flexibility of the first time around. And because his brother didn’t start school until after C’s first birthday the opportunities weren’t as easy to come by. The other difference between the boys was O was breast fed for two weeks, C was breast fed up until his first birthday(I will point out, it only took three days for him to get used to the idea, we are very lucky that he seems to handle change pretty well). As many will agree, some may not but I think most will it’s easier to get things done when a baby is bottle fed compared to breast fed. But anyway, enough excuses, until my wife started nannying, his contact with anyone other than my wife (and O) was quite limited.

In the last year he has mixed with some amazing personalities and grown into such an outgoing boy, as I don’t name my children(not sure why I haven’t but I’ve started so I’ll finish) I won’t name some of the children that I have seen make a big impression on him but I’m grateful that they spent time together.

So let’s talk about him as he is now. He is a bubbly, funny little boy overflowing with character that makes an impression on everyone he meets. If I had a pound for every man, woman or child that has called him cute I would be a very well off man. He has always had a wicked sense of humour and will quickly pick up on something that could wind you up and go with it, his favourite at home is calling the cats by the wrong names, he knows very well which one is which, but will always call Oscar, Buffy and Buffy, Oscar, followed by the unmistakable grin he delivers. He also plays on the fact he is known as a mummy’s boy and with certain people, he will wind them up by pretending to cower away, simply because he knows it frustrates them, but you can’t get mad because he is so diddy.

He idolises his big brother and will copy pretty much anything he does, which unfortunately means he is picking up the controlling behaviour, shouting and has witnessed more meltdowns than anyone would be comfortable with. This does add to the terrible twos and when he’s tired and grumpy, my, do we know about it, but this is something that will be remedied when he’s older. On the flip side however, he is a very good talker for his age (but he never stops, believe me) and he does copy all his brothers good behaviour, he shares, he’s polite and he’s smart too. He is very independent which again is a double edged sword, he’s happy playing by himself (which his brother never was/is) it’s great that he wants to do things for himself except whenhe want to do things for himself. As I said, he will do anything he can for himself and be adamant that no one will help; he can get pretty tetchy about it. The problem comes when he wants to do something he can’t do himself, for whatever reason; too short, hands aren’t big enough, he isn’t strong enough etc. as you unfortunately get stuck in a standoff involving shouting, screaming, raspberries (his new one) and a quick trip to time out to end the problem.

He is hypermobile which means he is double jointed in every joint, his hands and wrists are affected the most by this but don’t think for a second that will stop him doing anything, we have to follow him around when he climbs things and we often have to pick things up when he drops them but he will always give anything a go. He loves wrestling with his brother, his brother may not always enjoy it (even though he’s twice the size of C) but C will relentlessly jump all over him. His favourite game with his brother is simply called, ‘Bash’. It’s where they both take a ride along toy or trolley and run into each other as fast as they can, lots of noise, falling over and laughing. He has occasionally taken this game out to various play groups which has left my wife as white as a sheet as he goes running towards an unaware child with a trolley with the sole aim of crashing into them, he’s the only one who sees the funny side if he actually makes contact! If any of you remember the Friends episode when Rachael and Phoebe go running in the park and also remember the style of running that Phoebe has, that’s C running, it never fails to raise a smile.

If he doesn’t grow up to have a career in entertainment or part time job/hobby I will be really surprised, the boy has impeccable comic timing and has such a natural showman presence if he wanted to do it he would be a massive success. We see redcoats at Butlins and think all the time, when C grows up, that would be him all over.

So that was C, lights up the room, infectious smile, great comic timing and a large presence for such a small kid. There is no doubt he is the Ying to O’s Yang and will probably be the one to calm his brother down when he needs it, but he is his own person and has so much about him he will be known as C and not just O’s brother.



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