Sunday evening Blog & Vlog. Trying to show men can multitask #1

First things first, sorry that the first one is a bit late. One reason is it’s my first time using YouTube and I didn’t realise how long videos take to render and the other is a monumentous meltdown from O.

His cousins were sleeping over again tonight, this one was planned some time in advance but I think it’s just one step too far this week. He handled it so well earlier in the week but tonight it all exploded in our faces. The worst part of it all, was that we handled it so badly and after all the screaming and shouting and upset. We finally got him to calm down after taking him away and settling him in our bed when he finally open up and we realised that the world had just closed in on him and all he could do was fight out of a feeling of being trapped.  His exact words were “I can’t cope with lots of people around me, it always ends up like this and I just end up doing something silly.” Heartbreaking words from a 6 year old boy who we are meant to understand but still make mistakes.

It’s been an up and down week, a lot of change to original plans, the ‘Change of plans’ visual card has been on the board all week, all in all he coped with it pretty well but at the end of the day, we knew it would hit him eventually.

We are hoping for a more settled week next week where we can hopefully guide him through unscathed, the football season starts next week so it’s back to St Marys, for O and my wife as she gets the opening game this year. I hope you enjoy the Vlog below and if this doesn’t get posted until Monday, it’s my inexperience with YouTube that’s to blame. Below is my Vlog I will put up every week after my last training session for the week for the half marathon I’m running and a brief rundown of the week. Very brief this week as I’m new to it, but I’ll get better… I promise.


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