The Anouncement

OK, here it is, the video to explain it all, my plans for the year ahead (starting 13th September), watch for the cameo at the end too.

To run over the plan again, mainly because my mind goes blank in front of a camera and I’ll probably cover a few of the bits that I might have missed.

Starting the 13th September (O’s 7th birthday) up until the 13th of September next year, his 8th birthday I will be working with the National Autistic Society, fundraising, trying to raise awareness and probably most importantly, learn.

As many of my blog readers already know, autism is a massive part of our lives and pretty much runs everything we do, day in, day out. So I would like to give back to the NAS because of all the help and support they have given and it is the ideal opportunity to learn more and hopefully become a better parent because of it.

I have planned the year to form around four marquee events; The Royal Parks half marathon (8th October), Tough Mudder (Date TBC), the London 100k Nightrider (Date TBC) and finally an abseil down the Spinniker Tower in Portsmouth.  I wanted to keep my challenges varied so I figured a half marathon, a 12 mile obstacle course, a 100Km bike ride and an abseil fit that bill perfectly (Just a note, I am absolutely terrified of heights and I kid you not, I will be wearing brown on that last one, not looking forward to it at all!)

These events will be my focus for four of the twelve months, the other eight will be dedicated to me trying to simulate various sensory overloads on each of the senses, a twenty four hour livestream and many other occasions of me putting myself in situations of discomfort to get maybe even a glimpse of the difficulties faced by people on the spectrum that we take for granted.  As a snapshot of the first four months I will be running the half marathon, focusing a month on auditory overload, a month on visual overload and the twenty four hour livestream.

As I said in the video, if anyone wishes to help, I am happy to accept. Help can come in many forms; Whether you want to join the teams for the team events (Tough Mudder & London Nightrider), whether you want to join me in some of the challenges I have planned for myself (high pressure quiz, I’m a celebrity challenge etc.), if you have ideas of challenges yourself, you may want to run your own event to raise money/awareness for the NAS, I am open to any idea and if you want any help, I’m willing to help too.  I’m also continuing my Little odd job man service too, I’ll do jobs for charity donations to get those little jobs done that you don’t have time for or just don’t want to do.

I think that covers everything, I’ll have blog and vlogs up every Sunday at 9 giving a rundown of my week and my training if I’ve been training that week which with my schedule will be most weeks and I’ll have plenty of stories from my quirky ones to keep us all entertained.  I will keep posting updates on here and on my Twitter (@Rumble_1980) which you can get to by using the social media link on my site.

I hope you will all join me on this and enjoy yourselves, if you can’t laugh at yourself who can you laugh at? I’ll be laughing, join me for a laugh.


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