Sunday evening Blog & Vlog. Trying to show men can multitask #2

Before you all say it, yep 9pm has been and gone, it’s been an emotional week, but at least it’s on the same day this time, I’m getting closer.

Today we’ve spent the day at my mum and dad’s, supporting my mum, she had all her boys there and all her grandkids, it was lovely to see a smile on her face.  O and C had a great time, my dad loves playing world of tanks and let the grandkids play on it if they want (not on his main profile of course) it was amazing how quicky O and his eldest cousin took to it. I personally don’t know enough about the game but according to my dad they were pulling some amazing stats and constantly finishing in the top 4 on the leaderboards.

C was having one of those days today, while I went out with my wife to pick up the takeaway for the family, oh we found out today that if you spend over £50 in mcDonalds it has to be approved by a manager, she was lovely and shoved in loads of colouring crayons and paper for the kids… and lots of balloons too. Anyway back to C, while we were away, must have been no more than half an hour managed to wet 3 pairs of pants and 2 pairs of trousers, he must have had about 7 accidents in a 2 hour period, most of the time when he was trying to get to the toilet bless him, one was on the toilet too, it crept under the seat and landed in his pants, what are the chances?

We did tell O about his great grandad on Friday because he was asking why we went round to nanny and grandad’s on the Friday and why we were on the phone most of the day, I was a bit aprehensive about it but we told him anyway and the rush of emotions took over in a matter of minutes he was complaining of stomach pains and retching in the toilet, he couldn’t handle all the emotion. When we did get to talk to him it took one sentance to set ne off crying again “I’ll miss great grandad, who will I watch the Italian Job with?”

I will try to find the picture I had of them, it’s a great picture and shows a great moment when my grandad introduced him to the Italian job, the original one.


It was one of my grandad’s favourite films and they were both transfixed, it’s a memory that will always stick with me.

As with many children, they have found the summer holidays a struggle, we’re doing our best to help him through it, I’m just hoping we have a good week this week as I simply want to come home from work and just turn round and say, let’s do this… and not have to change my plans last second because he’s exploded over something we would consider small. Here’s hoping.


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