Sunday evening Blog & Vlog. Trying to show men can multitask #3

First things first, this is a very positive vlog today and… wait for it.. will publish at 9pm on the dot. I can hear your gasps from here.  So much acheived this week, PBs galore in my training for the Royal Parks Half Marathon, O back at the football and starting a chant and of course after the video I’ll go over the points I can remember or elaborate if I skimmed over something.

So after all the anger and emotion of last week, I inadvertantly channeled all the negative energy into positive results this week.  In february I decided to set myself some fitness goals, before then my PBs for 5K, 10K and 10 miles were; 27 minutes, 57 minutes and 1hour 45 minutes respectively. I decided to set my goals to go under 25 minutes, 55 minutes and 1 hour 25 minutes for the three distances. I noticed on Friday that I was very close to acheiving my 5K goal, so had a look through my previous runs and found I had already acheived my 10K goal with a time of 53 minutes and 30 seconds, which made me feel really good.

This week has been hard, the motivation had really been drained from me; I cut short my Monday run and it took next to nothing to convince me to put off a run, thankfully I completed all four that I was meant to do this week and with the bonus of getting a great nights sleep too, todays run has filled me with so much confidence and really made me believe I can make a difference for my son and hopefully other families in our situation.  Today was an 8 mile run, a longer distance, so not where I had imagined to set any PBs at all but somehow I managed to crush my bests and beat two of my goals with; (slight change from the video as now the times have been adjusted to account for GPS error, clever app) an amazing 24 minutes 4 seconds for a 5K section of the run and a staggering 50 minutes and 36 seconds for a 10K section, I am over the moon and in a few weeks I will be seeing how close I am to hitting my third and final goal when I start running 10 miles plus.

There hasn’t been any stand out behaviour from O this week, he’s just been difficult as he has been the last few weeks, lots of arguing, shouting and time out, we are doing better in managing it and leaving him to vent for a few minutes before getting to talk to him when calmer has made all the difference. He stayed overnight with his brother at my sister in law’s with my niece and nephew and although that change in routine may have added to his aggrivation this week, whilst there he was a star, he looked after his brother and was a big help, which is lovely to hear as his brother idolises him and sometimes O does treat him like dirt so to hear he looked out for him made us smile.

The football is back! It was O’s second game but my first as my wife and I share one season ticket and O has his own, we split the games between us and he gets to see them all (unless it’s an evening kick off on a school night). It was a great game and seeing him at the football, in his element just reminds me of the fun he can be when he’s relaxed.  I swear to you he started the chant for Charlie Austin before he went to take the penalty in the family area. I also used the game to remind him to keep his cool when his season starts in a couple of weeks, when a West Ham player was sent off for elbowing one of our players in the neck, the football pitch is an unforgiving place for silly actions, it was a great day and reinforced my positivity as I have the funeral for my Grandad on Tuesday which will be a hard time but I have my family to support who will also be there to support me and after that I will take a day to show O just how fun life can be if he gives himself time to process situations before acting on them.


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