Tales from a tired parent – #1 The Boy without Fear

Every now and then there are certain situations that as a parent frustrate you and terrify to your core when they happen, hours later when you look back at them they make you laugh. These stories need to be told.

The first one, bit of a cheat because it’s many occasions rolled into one, but everyone needs a good backstory.  We have C, the 3 year old daredevil, unfettered by hindrances like; experience, common sense, fear and quite possibly, depth perception.

Never lie on the floor if you ever visit our house, if you take your eyes of C for just one second you will find yourself on the receiving end of a cannonball surprise. On one such occasion (there have been many) but the most memorable one was when I was playing with O, a casual game of Frustration was suddenly cut short when, lying on my back next to the sofa all I heard was “Bundle!!!”

From the arm of the sofa C, just because he can, launched himself gleefully from the sofa and bellyflopped directly onto my stomach and an area just a bit below that.  Of course this resulted in me being unable to do anything for quite some time and after the customary five minutes of debilitating laughter had subsided from my wife C was told that was not a kind thing to do… and just be thankful dad was there so he didn’t hurt himself.

But this leads to the bit that terrifies both my wife and I, he has no fear of water. Two occasions spring to mind sent my wife white as a sheet.  The first time was on a family holiday to Butlins earlier in the year. C, being his cheeky self was lifting himself out of the pool and walking to the mini waterslide, sliding down to his mum and going again. After about three or four times he looked at his mum, smiled and walked past the slide, towards me, at the time I was giving O a hug in the Jacuzzi, he was feeling a bit overwhelmed by the noise and general action at the pool. I noticed, looked up and saw my wife desperately wading through the water trying to get to him as he stood on the side of the pool and cannonballed in, went straight under and bobbed up again as I got to him, laughing like crazy as both myself and my wife had kittens and stared at him in disbelief.

The second occasion was last week at Bournemouth beach, after taking him to a ‘Dinosaur World’ show at the Pavilion we spent some time at the beach. After stripping the boys down to their pants for a paddle they trotted off to the water. The only thing was, C was picking up speed and carried on, fell over and went straight over into the water.  This time, he didn’t get up. O was frozen to the spot screaming, other people in the water staring at the scene and what followed was my wife doing her best Baywatch impression, fully clothed she flew into the sea, plucked him from the water. He looked up and Laughed!




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