Tales from a tired parent – #2 Cheesegate

Every now and then there are certain situations that as a parent frustrate you and terrify to your core when they happen, hours later when you look back at them they make you laugh. These stories need to be told.

O likes to take mood swings to the extreme and his relationship with cheese is one of the most baffling. Depending on the season… day… hour… hell, even minute he could like cheese or hate it, it’s always worth checking before we do anything.  He does currently really enjoy red Leicester cheese, my brother introduced him to it at Christmas last year and it’s the first time he’s never turned cheese down. He’s also enjoying Red Leicester cheese bites at McDonalds and Red Leicester Cheddars, which is good to see.  But anyway normally with cheese we always have to ask if he wants cheese or not.

How his cheese is delivered is also a consideration we have to make, raw or toasted, grated or cubed, we have to be on the ball.

When this all blew up in our face was during what we call Cheesegate.  We were having pasta and meatballs, a popular meal in our house. After I had plated up and put the food on the table my wife asked for some cheese. I go to the fridge, get the cheese, get the grater and grate the cheese. After her dinner was nicely covered, C asked for some cheese, grated his cheese and went to put the cheese away.  O then asks for some cheese, being a switched on cookie I check that he’s sure. I proceed in grating the cheese over his dinner.

Cue the screaming. It turns out that, yes, he did want cheese, however he wanted slices of cheese not grated cheese.  An inconsequential thing to most, but for O, it was the end of the world. There was screaming, a refusal to eat the dinner because I had ruined it and around half an hour spent calming him down in another room before we could get him back to the table where we were able to negotiate and get him to eat his dinner if we removed every small bit of grated cheese from his dinner.  No, he didn’t want any cheese with his meal after that, not even sliced.



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