Hi, it’s been a while but…

Well Hello there.
It’s been a while since my last blog, not sure what I can say, loss of sense of humour, so busy, tired. Plenty of excuses but it’s not about excuses now, it’s about getting back on the horse.
First things first, this Friday(Tomorrow) is my 2nd big challenge on my Year of fundraising, it’s a 24 hour livestream on FIFA starting at 2PM BST whilst being there to discuss any topics that come to mind; predominately ASC or mental health. I’ll welcome challenges or conversation and updates will be on my Twitter.
I don’t think I’ve written or Vlogged anything since before the half marathon in October. The training went well, but things did start dropping off in the two weeks leading up to the run, then I pulled my calf muscle halfway through a short warm up run on the Monday before. I still ran the marathon and finished it without walking or stopping which was my main goal. I finished in a time of 2 hours and 14 minutes, admittedly slower than I wanted to run it and slower than my previous times had suggested but bearing in mind I had pulled a muscle I was happy I finished.
There have been lots of developments with O’s diagnosis, CAMHS have interviewed us for our views, I don’t think they were expecting us to be so thorough. When they said there was an interview they also said it would be about 2 to 3 hours long. Despite having to cut many of our answers short we were still in there for 4 hours. O has had a one on one with CAMHS too and they will be observing him in school very soon. O himself has had his good days and his bad days, as the year progresses the school have really had to step up, be it providing higher level work to keep him from being bored or putting more strategies in place to keep him from getting frustrated or anxious. At home it’s very chaotic, C has reached an age where he is pushing boundaries, no doubt very confused as how to behave, seeing his brother have meltdowns and feel that is how to behave. O has taken to sleeping in ear defenders now as the wind bothers him. There are so many little quirks now, I will have to get back to my specific posts to even attempt to cover them all.
Work has been extremely busy since the end of last year too, I’ve been fortunate enough to be part of the new carrier group which has meant very long hours and leaving my poor wife with two very active and demanding boys. I’m hoping for a couple of weeks of standard hours to have a bit more family time, give my wife a bit of a break and recharge my batteries getting back into my blogging and hopefully creating a schedule.
Anyway I’ll head off now and I’ll speak to you soon.

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